My Father, Art

I have no film reference for this post. My father, Arthur, has passed. He succumbed to heart failure in my parent's home in NY. He was 71. In my selfish opinion, too young to be taken from his wife, sons, and grand-daughters. Too young to be taken from his entire family. My father was an extremely good man. That's stated through a rose colored lens and it's absolutely true.
Dad was a man of men. To this day, until my last day, no man will equal my father, in strength, compassion, and love. He had a comforting quality about him, in which people themselves, found comfort. In short, he made you feel at ease. His deep voice, his demeanor, with him, there was no sense of being insincere. He genuinely cared. Rare, I know. It's even more rare as I advance in age. But, that was his gift to my brother and myself. Sincerity, empathy, compassion, and understanding. My father was show, don't tell. Follow my lead. Lead by example. I've met men who boast of themselves, quick to turn to individuals for false validation; and have them leave their company thinking, "What an asshole." That was my ex-father-in-law, but enough about self-centered pricks.
My point is, my father was a proud son, husband, dad, father-in-law, and grandfather. We are lesser without him. We're all selfish, but my father was not. Especially when it came to his family. My brother and I loved him absolute. Our adoration for him was without question. If and when I have children, I can only hope to achieve some of his success as a father. He set an extremely high bar.

My father always read the Poughkeepsie Journal.
Photo by CSC
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