Escape from New Jersey

Yes, my title pays homage to John Carpenter's/Kurt Russell's 1981 collaborative effort, "Escape from New York". Of course, their 1982 horror re-imagining, "The Thing", is still by far my favorite. Although, in order to use that title; I believe I'd have to reference my penis. I mean, I do like my penis, but I do not believe it deserves it's own article. Okay, enough about Mr. Wrinkles, because I want to discuss my eventual exodus from Southern Jersey.
So, after much thought and consideration, I've decided that, in the end, ultimately, I have to leave NJ in order to move on with my life. I lived down here almost 8 years, and as I reflect upon everything, I just can't help but think that I wasted my life down here. I mean, essentially, I'll be returning with what I had left two dogs. My choice to leave NY was for my ex-wife and our future marriage, and now that is gone. I've come to the realization that there is really nothing keeping me here and I'm not going to stay here to spite her. I've already wasted too much time away from my friends and family at this point.
Now, after all this, people wonder if I'm down on marriage or moving for the one you love. Short answer: no. Marriage is an incredibly rewarding experience when it works. As the years progress, at least for me, you end up loving the person more and more. Unfortunately, as my ex-wife, claimed in court, our marriage was beyond repair for the better part of three years, despite there being, oh I don't know, holidays, birthdays, vacations and the basic day to day in there that would contradict what she had stated. So, she would say she loved me less and less, essentially. But, despite that, I still believe doing anything for those you love with the best of intentions can be a good thing. But, as I'm a perfect example, best of intentions can be for nothing in the end. Which is a shame, but really, that's life.


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