Police Academy

I had intended to write and post a different blog today, but given the recent events in Dallas, I've decided to put it on the back burner, as I believe, the callous, cowardly acts of the shooters/snipers against the Dallas Police Department should be addressed. Why? Because, my older brother, Brian is a police officer. He's also a husband, a father, a son and a brother. He's a representation of a national police force that selflessly "serves and protects" all of us. The incidents that have occurred over the past several years in regard to the use of "deadly force" have been hotly debated, publicized, scrutinized, and sensationalized by all forms of the media and by extension, the internet; leading to an overall negative view of police officers nationwide.
We all have our opinions in regard to the police and the criminals/"victims" they've had to encounter while on the job. For me honestly, it's not a question of race, but a question of being a fucking criminal. You see, if you commit a crime, carry a pistol illegally, intend to hurt someone, or perform any of the innumerable criminal acts that are classified as "breaking the law"; the police will respond, then you will most likely come into conflict with them. It's pretty much a given. Police officers are trained to use their best judgement and skill set to assess a situation and react, sometimes within a fraction of a second. Many people fail to realize this and dismiss their actions as careless, excessive or unnecessary. It's easy to make these judgements from the sidelines after an incident has occurred, all with the wonderful benefit of 20/20 hindsight vision.
I love my brother. I've looked up to him since I was a child. We don't always get along, but we are still brothers. Of the two of us, he's the more level headed, knowing what to do and how to resolve a situation without letting his anger and emotions motivate him. Me, not so much. He's been a police officer for ten plus years, and he just recently made Sergeant. He has a masters degree in Criminal Justice and is more than capable of making the right decisions. He's chosen a profession where he protects others without regard for himself.
Look, here's how I see it, we thank our troops for their service, for defending our way of life, we thank firefighters for running into a burning building, and yet we neglect to thank police officers for putting their lives on the line everyday, locally, for us. We vilify them. We take them for granted. We shouldn't. Nor should we let the media fan the flames of hate with negative perceptions of these brave men and women, which then evolves into a wildfire, that in turn, incites such an extreme reaction from a few racist assholes. Those officers in Dallas, all while be targeted and shot at, defended those same people who were protesting against them. Think about that for a moment...let it sink in. Next time you see an officer, thank him or her for their service, because in the end, they're just doing their job...protecting you.

My brother, Brian with my niece, Ava.


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