Okie dokie, time to give Collectibles NJ some over due credit in regard to helping move my substantial collection. As we have pretty much concluded our business transaction that started almost two months prior. I posted this on their web page, but I wanted to address them here as well.

What can I say about Kevin and Collectibles NJ? They delivered on every level and more that was promised. I sought out to sell my collection, and hit every conceivable roadblock; I tried eBay myself, but the task was too daunting for one person. I tried contacting other businesses that “supposedly” dealt in these types of sales, but met no success or commitment; with most looking to cherry pick my items. But, in regard to Collectibles NJ, they were able to listen, help and more than delivery. Kevin had moved my entire collection of statues, 1/6th scale figures and other miscellaneous toys with such finite precision I’d never seen or thought possible. They accomplished in about a month, what would’ve taken me a year. Granted, I had a substantial amount of inventory, but despite the challenges, I now sit here with zero collectibles and a sizable financial return on my “inadvertent” investment. Through our entire arrangement, Kevin made himself available to me at all times, with full transparency in regard to our contract and sales. I want to thank Kevin and his staff at Collectibles NJ for your time and help. You’ve made a difference. Keep up the good work.


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