Blade Runner: #OCD

Let me start by saying, I did not grow up in the great technological evolution of smart phones, wifi, bluetooth, Siri, Amazon, all forms of social media, or pretty much everything else we take for granted in 2016. As a child of the 80's, I was amazed by Laser Tag. Amazing shit to this day. My point is, I can live without this social technology we all hold so dear.
Anyway, I was putzing on Twitter earlier, I barely use it, as I see little need to condense any thought into some meaningless, brief phrase, in the hopes that someone else; bored on their smart phone, will be inclined to quickly read and, just as easily, dismiss what've I've just posted. But, I hash tagged?, OCD. It was interesting, as there were some decent posts with actual merit and medical meaning and research, but for the most part, all I encountered was shit. Plain and simple. Like most things on the internet. I know, broad statement. But, I'm a fan of making very broad, uninformed statements about stuff. I have yet to be challenged by anyone who can hear me in my bathroom at 6 am on a weekday morning.
Now, I'm not a P.C. person. Honestly, everyone is too P.C. for my taste. We are human. We say things.  We do things. Not everyone is going to agree with them. Such is life. But, I'd be remiss if I didn't say I saw an overwhelming amount of posts of minor events, that people consider, OCD behavior, for nothing more than the purpose of making a joke. I mentioned in my first post, ever, that there is a HUGE misconception of OCD and how people can be afflicted, and honestly, this just supports what I suspect. #OCD. Four simple characters on a keyboard, or smart phone, that people use to express their ignorance in an attempt to construct a joke in the wrong context.
I know what you're thinking, but Nick, aren't you being just a tad little P.C. right now? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps. I don't know. This is my blog. So no. Maybe I'm contradicting myself. Maybe I'm taking it a tad personal. Which aggravates me. But, it just reinforces what I've experienced. People simply don't get it. And maybe, they have no need to understand. But, when it comes to loved ones and significant others, maybe they should. Because, right now, that's what's ending my marriage.  And not for my wife's lack of understanding, but by mine. I chose to not research what I had for so long, confront it, and seek therapy. And it cost me her. So maybe it is personal, but at this point, what other reason do I have? There's no shame in educating yourself, whether it's for you or a loved one. Despite, my dislike for the internet, there is helpful information out there. You just have to sift through the shit.


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